What is a Filipina?

Let's start off with a few excerpts from Wikipedia.

Filipinos or the Filipino people (feminine: Filipina) are the citizens of the Philippines. Colloquially, Filipinos may refer to themselves as Pinoy (feminine: Pinay), which is formed by taking the last four letters of Pilipino and adding the diminutive suffix -y. The word was coined by expatriate Filipino Americans during the 1920s and was later adopted by Filipinos in the Philippines. In various Philippine languages, Filipino is translated to Pilipino. The use of /p/ is used since many lack /f/ as a phoneme. Filipinas comprise a large portion of women who come to the U.S. via international marriage agencies.

There is a wide variety of sites where you can trade personals with potential Filipina brides.
One of the popular 'Friend Finder' series of dating sites is Filipino FriendFinder.

One of the islands that make up the Archepelago of the Philippines is Cebu Island.
The following site specializes in Cebuana meaning Filipinas living in Cebu.

Of course there are always the web cam sites that feature Filipina girls.
You can chat with hundreds of girls for free! One of the most popular is Asianbabecams.
Here are some examples of Filipina Girls in actual Chat Rooms on that website.

Hey Guys! Heed the warning in this banner!
I have seen guy after guy fall in love after visiting this website.
A few of the Filipina women I have talked to are now engaged to be married
with guys they have met in their chatroom!

The same company has another type of chat room with sound in some of the rooms.
The video moves faster too, but you have to sign in with a
personal ID and password if you don't want the chat room to time out every few minutes.
Below are some sample girls. Click HERE to see all the girls online right now.

Also, you may notice they probably wont talk to you with a guest ID. Sign in if you get a girl who ignores you.
It doesn't cost anything. It's anonymous. (No email or credit card needed) And it will get you some attention from the girl.

This brings us to Asian Cam Models at
A lot of guys like ACM because the private chat is only 99 cents a minute.
Private chat is were you can be alone with your Filipina away from the rest of the guests.
You can also ask the girl for special "favors". ...Things they are not allowed to do in free chat.

For a while now they have been running a special called "Midweek Madness"
where you get 10% overtime on weekdays.

ImLive Asians is another of the more popular asian cam sites with many Filipina Women.
The opening page shows a picture of each girl, Links for Live Video Chat, Free Text Chat,
as well as a description of the girl and what kind of content she has made available to you.

Live Asian Cam Girls says this on their website...
Free chat is free. Guests can chat for 3 minutes only before being redirected to a sign up
page for free membership. Free members can chat without limit, have access to performers's
bios and image galleries, and can purchase credits for private shows.
LAGC give bonus free credits on every load 24/7. Purchasing credits is a one-off charge.
There are no rebills or commitments to buy more, and your credit card statement will not
mention the site. Credits do not expire until you use them and can be used entirely as you want.
Spend all with one performer or a little with many. It is completely up to YOU.